Skincare routine

Hi dolls,

Taking care of your skin is very important. I have been struggling with choosing the right products for my skin type. I have a very very dry skin, so I need a really thick cream as a moisturizer. I have used different range of moisturizers from drugstore till high ends products. I have used shiseido from the Ibuki line refining moisturizer enriched. Yeah, that’s a mouthful, but it really worked for a little period. But then I thought it was very expensive and still my skin felt dry. So I tried a lot of products, and two months ago I got a sample of the Clinique moisture surge intense skin fortifying hydrator ( I don’t get it why they make such long names for a moisturizer). I use this moisturizer combined with the Biotherm Aquasource deep serum (see my October favorites (2017) for my opinion). This is like the BEST combination for my skin. I am so so happy that I got the sample of this moisturizer.

And it is not that expensive, and the packaging is very nice. I also use a eye cream also from Clinique the All about eyes. This one is also very hydrating.

Further I use the Estee Lauder cleanser combined with my clarisonic mia 2.  This cleanser is a creme cleanser, so it feels like a cream that you massage in your skin. Feels really good and after you rinse your skin, it looks like you have an oil on your skin. But it doesn’t look oily at all.

My clarisonic mia 2 I use this one with love. This was the best gift I got in my life (lol for my skin). It is really worth the money, just look at it like a little investment for a good skin. You can use this while your showering or just after you brush your teeth. I use it once a day, thats more than enough.


If you are interested in the products, you can buy it at sephora or for people in the Netherlands at Ici Paris XL.

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Hair routine

Hi beauties,

We are going to talk about my hair routine.  It is very important to take care of your hair. Going to the hairdresser and chop ur split ends and wash it is not enough. I use just two extra products to keep my hair healthy and shiny. I have very dry hair and a dry scalp.

First I will wash my hair with shampoo, I don’t use a conditioner anymore. But I use a hair mask of L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary OIL (coconut one). I leave this in my hair for about 2 minutes and then rinse it off.


Hair Mask L’oreal

Finally, when I am done with showering I use an oil before I blow dry it. I use the Wella Professional Luxe Oil (two pumps) and after I blow dry I also use two pumps of this oil. This will keep your hair shiny and it is not frizzy at all.


Hair Oil Wella

The hair mask just launched for like 1 month and I tried it and I love it. It has a strong coconut smell after you use it. So for the people who don’t like the smell of coconut oil, I don’t recommend it.

Thanks for reading this short post. See you next time.. xxx



October favorites (2017)

Hey you there!

It is the end of the months which means.. I going to share my October favorites with you guys..

  1. Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette

Oh my god, you guys. This is really the best palette you can have for your face. This beautiful palette has two highlighters, one blush and one bronzer. And this palette is made for any skin type (the girl at the Sephora said this but I am not so sure if this is true)

The packaging is sooo nice, it looks girly but also very pretty.. it’s just perfect. You can see on the picture above that the size of the highlighters are bigger than the blush and bronzer. I think thats a little bit sad, because you use more blush and bronzer than highlighter. The colors are very pigmented, it is a little bit on the ‘expensive’ side. But I can tell you, it is worth the money! (pic is from Becca x Chrissy at Cultbeauty).

2. Clinique age defense BB Cream spf 30 in shade 02

This BB cream is like an foundation.. but why?! The coverage is so so good. It has a medium to full coverage and it feels so light on your skin. The color is good for my skin type (I am light/medium). And a little bit of this BB cream goes a long long way girl. I only bought the travel size one and I use it almost everyday.. There is still a lot in the tube. It only comes in just two shades… which it weird that it begins with shade 02..

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-17 om 21.18.51

You can buy it on the clinique website .

3. MAC Studio finish concealer spf 35 in NW25

This concealer is good for your dark under eye circles. It has a little bit of a thick consistency, but if you use a beauty blender it works fine. I bought this like 4 years ago.. but never use it that much. But the last month I wanted to wear only concealer for my under eye circles and my spots and it works really good. I like to use it with a brush and then I use my beauty blender, but sometimes when I don’t have a brush I will use my hands. But this is not really hygienic.


MAC is known for their range of colors. For any skin color they have the perfect color for you. I have a very in between skin color, so if I need an foundation I always have to buy two colors. But at MAC it’s perfect. Check the concealer –> Studio finish concealer .

4. Biotherm Aquasourse Deep Serum

If you have a very dry skin like me, I will advice you by now.. USE A SERUM. Your skin needs it. All those years I didn’t use a serum before I apply my moisturizer. And the conclusion was.. my skin feels dry again after 3 hours. And I bought a lot moisturizer to try if it was working on my skin. But the problem was.. to use a serum.

This serum is very good and dry really fast.. so after one minute you can apply your moisturizer and then you good to go. And it is also very affordable, I am still a student so I am always looking for good products for a good price. 😉


You can check it out at the website of Biotherm

5. SP Wella professionals luxe oil

This hair oil is like a substitution of the Moroccan Oil. I think it is still expensive for an hair oil for like 30 ML!! But it does its job. I use it after I washed my hair and then I am going to blow-dry my hair and when that’s done I use one pump again. You hair looks shiny (not oily but in a good way shiny) and it looks healthy.


Click here to find your nearest store!

Thanks for ready this post again and I hope you guys liked it 😉

Till next time .. xx

Review – Fitbit Alta

Hi there beautiful,

Today I have a review on a nice gadget for all the fit girls out there. And if you are not a fit girl yet, maybe you will be from today.

I have been using the fitbit Alta for almost a year now and I really like it. Two years ago I had the fitbit charge HR, but I wasn’t impressed with that one. The heart rate wasn’t precise that I expected. And I got a little bit of rash on my arm.

This one is really nice, it is small and feels light and it does its job. You have a very handy app, that you can download on your phone.

As you can see on the picture above, the fitbit Alta tracks a lot of activities. From steps till how long you sleep. For how much water you take and how many calories you have ate, this you have to do it manually. If you syncing your fitbit with your phone by bluetooth, you can also receiving calls on your watch. It will vibrate on your wrist if somebody is calling you. So if your phone is upstairs and you are downstairs making some tea, you will know if somebody if calling.

If you have a friend that also has a fitbit (doesn’t matter what kind of model she/he has), you can add him/her as your friend. You can check how many steps he/she makes in a week or a day. And you guys can do challenges.



  • Light weighted
  • Cool design and you can buy different kind of straps for your ‘watch’
  • Decent price
  • The battery hold it up for like 3/4 days (a week)


  • The rubber band that is coming with is a little bit itchy (but you can buy another band and change it)
  • Because the fitbit uses bluetooth on your phone to sync with each other, the battery of your phone will be empty very fast.
  • You can not shower with it.

If you guys are interested, you can check all the models at this link Fitbitmodels.

Till next time babies.. xx


A’ Pieu Haute Cushion sph 50 + PA +++ #23

Hi everybody,

Today I have a review of the A’Pieu Haute Cushion in the color 23 sand. I ordered this like a month ago on the website of I wanted to try out a new cushion, because I was stick to the Laneige one.


If you have a dry skin, this is your cushion baby. It feels so nice when you first apply it and it has a medium coverage. It looks very luxury (my opinion), it is black with gold so so chic.

This cushion comes with an refill and I paid only €17,35, but the only downside of is, that you will have to wait almost a month for your products.



The cushion is also black with a nice patron on it.


  • Medium coverage
  • Moisturizing
  • It has an extra refill
  • It is afforable

Negative points:

  • It is too white (I have a medium skin color)
  • You have to wait long for your order
  • It comes in 2 colors (But most of the cushions in Asia comes in 2 or 3 colors)

So overall it is a good cushion, but I have to wait till its winter. Then I am a bit lighter.

If you are interested you can buy it here : A’pieu haute cushion nr. 23

Btw special thanks to Meejmuse, because of her I made my decision to buy this product. See her video for more cushions: Cushion review/ guide Meejmuse

See you next time 🙂  xxx